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daddyb 05-14-06 02:16 AM

great forum
I really like this forum, what a great resource.

I'm a life-long cyclist and probably will be forever. When I was 10 in 1969 in New York the Knicks won the championship and damn if i wasn't going to ride my one-speed with a banana seat out to JFK airport to great them as they return. The airport cops pulled me over on the freeway and i agreed to go home, but when they left I just kept going. There wa Willis Reed and Walt Frazier, giants with huge smiles coming down the escalor into the waiting crowd, and I was there. Then I rode home, I think it was about 8 miles or so, jubilant.

I commute every day, ride with my kids on our heavy mtn tandem, and otherwise ride as much as I can. We sold our smashed up second car after we were rear-ended (again! this time the driver was talking to her baby and didn't see me slow down to turn...) so we just have one car in our family and it's working fine.

I'm so jazzed to be back on an upright bike after ten years on recumbents. I have a chronic back thing, couldn't ride in a bent over position without it hurting. But with weekly, really deep MASSAGE I am getting better. I tell you, it's made the difference for me. Not the mild soothing kind of rub, no. This guy is 220 pounds and he uses it, and he knows his ****, he's saved my cycling life. I'm doing my exercises too, but the massage is the key. It's expensive! $90 a pop. I can't believe it. But here I am, after ten years of suffering and not getting better and pills and not being able to ride I can now go 3-4 hours with no after effects. It's so so worth it to me. Recumbents were okay, but not the same as being able to throw your bike around and climb really tough stuff.

That's me. Glad to be part of this thing. Ben

AndrewP 05-14-06 09:16 AM

$90 a time is cheap if it allows you to ride a bike, and get rid of a car. Good luck. Dont you have insurance through your work to help with that sort of thing?

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