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ryanpg 05-16-06 09:18 AM

chicago rider trying to "get back into it"

I'm living on the north side of the Windy City. Just got a new Specialized FSRxc (just finishing replacement of most of the crap-tastic components). My goal is to ride more. Currently I tend to turn the wrench a lot more than I turn the cranks. Since I live in a big city in the flat midwest I do exclusively XC riding, non-competative. When I ride, my riding style is mostly casual, though I do get a kick out of "technical" riding: clearing small trees, roots, stumps, creeks etc. There are actually a lot of forest preserves in and around the city and one nice national park called Palos, I have to plan those trips though.

Anyhow that's me in bike terms.


Recycle 05-17-06 10:11 PM

Hi, Ry

Welcome to the forum from the far south 'burbs. Do you get out to Palos very often?

vxla 05-22-06 12:56 PM

Hey Ry, why not come to a chicago critical mass? The next one is May 26; Daley Plaza at 5:30pm.

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