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Brandy 05-16-06 05:01 PM

New from Orange County, Ca.
Looks like I'm another newcomer from Orange County, Ca. I just started riding...last week! I got a Trek 1000 WSD for a Mother's Day/birthday present and I'm hooked. I've only taken a couple of rides so far, 24.5 miles was the longest, but I'm looking to up my mileage. I've been riding the Santa Ana River Trail down to the beach path and up to the end of Bolsa Chica. I'm hoping to join a local club once I get more comfortable riding.


jarhead-usmc 05-17-06 02:59 AM

Hey Brandy congrats on the new Trek 1000!!! I ride with OCW(when I am not deployed in Iraq) and I really enjoy riding with them. Both BCI and OCW have really good rides!!! Check them out.


iamtim 05-17-06 08:21 AM

Hi Brandy. I, too, have a Trek 1000, and I, too, am from Orange County. I ride the Santa Ana River Trail frequently, although during the week it's on my decidedly non-Trek fixed gear bike. There's a lot of riding going on in your area -- welcome aboard!

Brandy 05-18-06 08:44 AM

Thanks for the welcomes! I've been looking at the OCW website Jarhead...I am planning to do the fall metric in Redlands. I really need to get some experience riding with others before August when I do the Cool Breeze in Ventura. I will look into joining some of their rides. :)


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