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Acorn22 05-21-06 06:32 PM

Sourthern Wisconsin Rider!
Hello fellow riders.

I am a teenager in the sourther part of Wisconsin. I used to race in the series called WORS (wisconsin off road series). I really miss the races, but recently me and my dad have moved onto a horse farm (well 6 years ago) and haven't had the time to race much. I am 15 and my bike is still for the 13 year old me. Too small! So I'm hoping to get a new bike soon. Preferable on that is at least decent quality. Untilhen, I'll do with what I have got. :)

If anyone is in the Lake Geneva area and wants to ride with me and my brother (I'm not in top shape... my email is acorn22 (at) gmail (dot) com.

I was recently at one of the WORS races and got to pre-ride the course. It was the first good singletrack ride I've had in a while! Kind of what threw me back into biking I guess!

Oh, and you might catch me on AIM sometime, too. my sn is Acron22 (not acorn, notice)


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