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Crono 05-24-06 04:42 PM

I'm Derek, and I don't look particularly sexy in tights.

I started mountain biking a little more than a year ago, and I just got hooked. For the most part, I do XC on firetrails and singletrack. I'm still learning as I go along, trying to develop my bunnyhop and other control skills. I have a helluva fun time when out riding.

For a relatively short time, I've already accumulated 3 bikes: a rigid, a hardtail and a FS.

Everyone meet The *****
(Trek Mountain Track 800)

I don't ride her much, only for commuting really (hence the bag). I think I'm giving her to my mom, she needs a bike. This is the bike I started on.

Everyone, meet Choco
(Diamondback Sorrento)

Unfortunately, he's been gathering dust since I built the FS bike. To show him I still love him, I keep his drivetrain well lubed and tires inflated just in case someone needs to use a spare bike. I still use him on wet weekends when it's too muddy to ride the trails, and I decide to hit the city streets instead. He enjoys Golden Gate Park and running down tourists at Pier 39.

Everyone, meet Flammie
(Jamis XLT 2.0)

My new baby. Built her myself! I hope to see some more aggressive trail riding this summer with her. In fact, she's excited to go down Wall Point tonight; she's never been up around Mt. Diablo before. I hope to get her all dialed in by the time we start travelling to other places to ride.

...and that's my introduction :)

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