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gooseluce 05-26-06 03:06 PM


i'm luce, i'm in savannah, ga. 21. I'm new to the whole culture of biking. I've had my specialized bmx bike as my mode of transportation for a few years, but I never really tried to bond with other people over biking. I found this place while looking for road bikes.
I'm actually looking for a cheap but working road bike. my parents cut me out of the family, and my bmx isn't a great thing to commute with.

so... hi. i'm new. if you have a road bike you would like to sell for around $100, let me know. I can't spend a lot of money, as I was cut off, and any money I have goes towards rent/bills right now... when I do get some spendable money, I'm planning on getting a nicer road bike... like the raleigh sport or iron horse triumph sport 2005.

AndrewP 05-26-06 03:32 PM

Welcome - try the thrift stores or garage sales for an early 80s 12 speed road bike. Dont get a bike with cottered cranks. You should get one for $25. You will then have $75 to spend on tools and parts to fix it - tires, chain, brake pads, cone wrenches, spoke wrench, freewheel remover. Good luck.

RonH 05-27-06 05:30 AM

Welcome Luce.
Try craigslist and the classifieds.

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