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BluDuc 06-06-06 05:03 PM

Hello from Denver
Howdy from 5280ft. At 46, I am rediscovering bicycles again after a few years layoff. I did a lot of mountain bike riding in Colorado and Utah through the 90ís, but work and family took priority. I havenít owned a road bike since 1982 when I left my old Schwinn 10-speed locked to a rack at the university. Itís probably still there. Inspired by some fanatics at work, I started to commute (22 miles each way) on my mountain bike this spring. I was hooked and recently purchased a Specialized Roubaix and have been logging quite a few miles by commuting, plus Iím within a short ride to some good climbs in the foothills around Denver. I signed up for the Colorado Courage Classic 157 mile, 3-day tour of the Rocky Mountains in late July, so I have lots of saddle time ahead. Thanks in advance for the always-helpful posts on this forum.

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