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crystalspin 06-12-06 05:51 PM

Conquering fear?

I had a ten-speed as a teenager, never a long-distance cycler, I recall I never got past grinding those gears, and prolly never used more than three gears routinely (not nec. three neighboring ones, but a 3- or 5-speed would have done).

Years later, I ??? borrowed or bought a used bike, and the first and only time I rode it, I ran alongside a driveway cut in the curb -- i.e. about an inch/inch-plus ridge -- at an angle the bike couldn't jump but didn't deflect either... toppled me and I still have a [faint] scar where I skid along the concrete on the back of my right hand, flaying it. That was 1982.

Subsequently, maybe early-mid '90's, I was goaded into riding my DSM's (stepmom's) bike on a maybe 6 mile round trip. I clung to the handlebars and never lifted my eyes from the pavement just ahead of me. Afterwards, I admitted to her that I had been scared to death, and she tried to reassure me... but it was "only" on vacation and returned to the city never to THINK of riding a bike... until know.

Read last week's Business Week's feature on folding bicycles, and so did my husband. Surprised me by saying he wanted to get one and start "riding to work". So here I am, doing the research and looking to get myself one too.

Is it totally uncool to get off at city corners, push the button, and walk the cycle across in the crosswalk?


Blackberry 06-12-06 06:41 PM

Go ahead and walk your bike. You're not breaking any laws. You're doing what you need to do to feel safe. Good luck. I hope you come to enjoy riding as much as I do. That's my two cents.

jabike 06-13-06 04:16 AM

You go, girl. That's one thing nice about cycling, there's always room to do it your way. Just have fun and don't worry about anyone else. If you feel more comfortable walking in certain places, then just do it.

RonH 06-13-06 05:10 AM

Originally Posted by crystalspin
Is it totally uncool to get off at city corners, push the button, and walk the cycle across in the crosswalk?

Yes, it is totally uncool. But if that what you feel you need to do to feel safe then go for it.

Sounds like you are in need of an Effective Cycling (Bike Ed) course. The course teaches you the things you need to know to safely and confidently ride in traffic. Click here to find one in your area.

StanSeven 06-13-06 05:16 AM

Just do whatever feels safe and comfortable. As you gain experience over time, you'll do more. The important thing is relax, get out and ride, and have fun at whatver pace you like.

crtreedude 06-13-06 07:26 AM

You don't live when you worry about whether people think you are cool. In fact, to me, the most cool thing - is when a person could care less - just do what works for you.

Besides, if someone sneers at you - well, they just eliminated themselves as someone you might enjoy knowing.

I think the class is a good option. You need to take it slow, and get the info you need.

crystalspin 06-13-06 01:57 PM

Thanks all, for the encouragement! Thanks Ron for suggestion of a class -- I never heard or even conceived of such a thing! What a great idea!

Unfortunately, the nearest one the League of American Bicyclists lists is 190 miles away (followed by 350mi!) -- but I have e-mailed two LCI instructors listed for quite nearby... maybe they teach privately or through shops not listed...

I'll keep this thread updated on what I find out!

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