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Gweedough 06-17-06 11:40 PM

SoCal Long Haul Trucker
Howdy, pedalers!

I've spent the last several days deep in the jungles of Internet Research Land and was thrilled to stumble upon this community! I've ridden bicycles for nearly all of my life, but in a casual, uninformed way... I loved them as long as they worked; if they stopped working, I stopped loving them. Disfunctional, at best. But now with birthday #36 on the way, I've come to realize the value in taking a greater interest in a machine that doesn't pollute the environment, reconnects you with nature, provides distinct physical benefits, and is a viable source of daily transportation. Which all means... I've become a total bike geek.

I want to know how they work. I want to know how to fix them. I want to learn why one crankset is $30 and another is $230. I want to build my own bike. I want to learn how by taking classes from bike gurus at my local bike co-op. I'm obsessed...

Here's what I've done so far:
- picked up a new helmet - one that I like enough to actually wear
- started showing my old mountain bike some much needed love and attention
- ordered a Surly LHT frame to serve as my buildup and maintenance education bike
- have started learning all the component terms and have become completely baffled by how many different brands and prices there are for these things

I feel like a kid in school on the first day of class: terrified and thrilled. Nice to meet you all.

531phile 06-18-06 12:32 AM

glad to be the first to welcome you.

I've always been into bicycles as a kid, but I never really started to get into the parts and such until after college. It's a great hobby that almost anyone can get into. Actually, it can be more than just a hobby, it can be many things to many people, a means for transportation, a sport, form of exercise, a profession, etc. that's the beauty of bicycles, it's more than just about the bike itself, it's a lifestyle.

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