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okcdirtbag 07-16-06 05:03 PM

oklahoma city
recently started a bike group in okc, we are accepting anyone willing to pedal around! so far the group is small and my bike is the only custom... but hey gotta start somewhere we meet every friday at 9pm at a local bar and do a big bar crawl throughout the night!

WorldPax 07-16-06 05:31 PM

What bar? You crawling bricktown? I'm in Tulsa but get down to OKC when visiting family. I might join ya.

8bitevolution 08-07-06 07:29 PM

I live in Lawton but plan on moving up to OKC in 7 or so months. So I'd be looking for some people to ride with/make new friends.

explody pup 08-09-06 12:49 PM

Tulsa here. Anyone planning on riding in the OK MS150?

WorldPax 08-09-06 07:41 PM

I'll be there on the tanning bed.

SethOK 08-09-06 09:28 PM

I'll be doing the OK MS150. Are either of you joining in on the organized training rides on Saturdays or Sundays?

WorldPax 08-10-06 07:48 AM

I have yet to make any of the training rides. Here's a stupid question, if it's the MS150, is there a 150 mile route option, or is it just a normal century? Sorry for the thread hijack.

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