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kev_b 07-17-06 02:39 PM

Heya from SE Ohio
New to the site, so I thought an intro would be the thing to do. I live in Athens, Ohio, just bought myself an '06 Trek 7.2 FX for my birthday, so I've been riding a grand total of 11 days (between the rain and the heat). Enjoying it a lot! Other hobbies include, photography, and rock climbing.

spry 07-17-06 05:45 PM

Kev B
How is that Athens to Nellsonville bike trail?Live in greater Cleve.and have been looking forward to trying it.Could you discribe it? Thanks

drissel 07-18-06 10:15 AM

I did the Hockhocking bikepath this past Sunday, was a nice 36 mile round trip, the water was high and muddy and it was hot and humid. Started at Chauncy and went downriver to Athens, nice ride, shady most of the way till you get down around the college, the trail goes another 1.25 miles past the 0 mile marker, seen great blue herons and a snapping turtle as big as my monitor. Several others were using the trail from cyclist to walkers and moms pushing baby carriages. Got back to the starting point and then headed to Nelsonville, this is about 6 miles and along the way seen a 4 foot blacksnake crossing the trail, the trail runs along the river and if it isn't too muddy or high a dip may have been comfortable,at the end of the trail I got a flat and changed it at the daycare center. Also at the end is a train stop for Robbins Crossing which appears to be an old time town, log cabin type structures and people dressed to the era, There are places to get water but I always carry plenty, a few soda machines along the trail in Athens by the Habitat for Humanity Building also an American Legion that may be open for a beer or two, if you are a member, my problem would be that I would spend the rest of the day in there. Would be a nice ride in the fall when the leaves change. Have fun and a safe ride.

barba 07-18-06 10:16 AM

Athens is my home town. Welcome aboard.

kev_b 07-18-06 01:24 PM

Thanks all for the welcomes!

spry sorry I didn't get a chance to reply any sooner, but drissel did an excellent job with the description. Here is a link to information for the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway…

spry 07-18-06 02:00 PM

Great graphic discription of the Hockhocking bike trail!Will make the trip this Summer and avoid skinny-dipping in the Hocking river with the lurking snapping turtle around.
Have either one of you tried our Emerald Necklace (Metro Parks),paths in northern Ohio?Well worth the trip.

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