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spencejm 07-19-06 02:49 PM

Hello from Columbia, MO
Hi. My name is Joe and I live in Columbia, MO. I'm an overweight 44 year old guy who has rediscovered the great joy of riding a bicycle. I feel lucky that my town has several really nice trails that connect to the Katy Trail which runs almost completely across the state.

I used to ride a lot but due to bad info from a quack I stopped about 16 years ago. I sold my Fisher mountain bike and began to work out by lifting chesse puffs. I wound up gaining about 75 lbs and lost any conditioning that I had. In short I was heading for a heart attack.

About 4 months ago I totally changed the way I eat and started getting some exercise. I started walking and then dusted off my Trek Multitrack 720 that I bought several years ago, apparantly to look at since I never rode it. I'm doing about 10 mile rides 3 days a week right not and I've got about a 20 mile ride planned for this weekend. I'm not fast but I'm finishing. So far I've lost 35 lbs and I feel better than I have in years.

I'm really excited to be riding again. I hope to get a road bike early next year and to ride my first century sometime late next year. I know I've got a long way to go but I also know I can get there.

Sorry for the book but I'm excited about the progress I've made and sometimes just have to toot my own horn. I'm looking forward to spending time on this forum.


BLM 07-20-06 08:16 PM


Many congratulations from St Louis. Keep up the good work. It is always the hardest at the beginning, but once you start seeing results, that is when the real fun begins.

Best wishes and GO TIGERS!


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