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hoov23 07-24-06 09:04 AM

Hi all, just joined, from Amsterdam, NL
Hey everybody.
I found this site while searching for informaiton about my newest bike, a Di Blasi R6 folder. I didn't know what it was because it's missing the decals, but I figured it out now. I thought this site could be useful for tech tips and stuff.
I'm not a very good biker, I'm American so I'm used to cars as transport. I lived in Amsterdam for 6 months in 2005, then in Maryland for almost a year, and now I'm back in Amsterdam for a few months. Had a few bikes in the last year or two, in the US I still have a nice GT Performer, 1997. Just sold a Diamondback Outlook that I won in a raffle in November. I had 4 bikes total in Amsterdam: one stolen, one abandoned, one saved from the trash and "repaired," and the newest one - the folder. I'm getting better at biking with traffic, but it's still tricky sometimes. I would definitely rather ride a bike and use public transportation than drive a car in this town. Going to post in the "folding bikes" section now, try and find some Di Blasi riders.

flyingscotsman 08-04-06 09:59 PM

Welcome living in Amsterdam you are certanly in cycling country there.

Rode there a about 10 years ago, had a blast.

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