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Zekat 08-23-06 08:12 AM

Hi from Minneapolis
Howdy. I hail from suburban Minneapolis, MN, riding a 1990s (I think) vintage Schwinn "World Sport" 12-speed road bike I got from a former coworker for $free last year. I've been commuting to work by bike (22 miles one way) 0 to 2 times a week since August 2005. This week is my first attempt at biking to work all 5 days. :)

jyossarian 08-23-06 10:49 AM

Good luck Zekat and welcome to BF! Lots of commuters here who ride to work year round. You've got a long commute so check out the Very Long Commuters Club thread to swap stories and read about other people's commutes.

J-McKech 08-23-06 11:32 AM

Can't go wrong with a free bike. Welcome. :)

Zekat 08-23-06 02:00 PM

Thanks for the welcome.
The bike was free, but I hate to think what the upgrades (have already (and no doubt will continue (parenthesis are fun!))) to cost! :)

Pheard 08-23-06 04:43 PM

Awesome bro, commuting on a bike is alot more rewarding vs. driving. I'm glad you've made that step, and I hope you feel the burn!

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