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Okiedave 08-24-06 01:46 PM

Hello from OKC
I just joined the forum, after reading it for the last few days. Looks like a great group of people here. I am just getting back to riding. I have mostly been a mountain biker (2000 Raleigh M80, and '03Trek Liquid). I have several friends that have been after me to get into the road thing, and that is what brought me here a couple of days ago.

I have not ridden the last couple of years till last week. I have been shopping for a road bike, and think I have it norrowed down to a Giant OCR1 or 2 and the '06 Cannondale R-800, or Specialized Allez. These seem to be a nice place to start. I still need to test ride these but those are what I am looking most closely at right now. I don't want to get into racing but will get into tours and charity rides. Maybe the Hotter than Hell 100 next year, and others around Oklahoma.... I just need to be fast enough to keep up with my friends.

I am riding for fun and fitness. I got on a weightloss program in January and have lost 50lbs so far this year. I am still well into the clydesdale class (200+) but hope to be out by the end of the year.

Anyway looking forward to getting back into this sport.

jyossarian 08-24-06 02:11 PM

Welcome and congrats on the weight loss progress! All the bikes listed are fine bikes so just pick the one you find most comfortable.

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