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ModoVincere 08-25-06 06:42 AM

Hello from the Burbs of ATL
Been reading this site for some time. Finally decided it was time to share in the fun;) .

I live in John's Creek which is about 20 miles north of Atlanta. I commute to work in Alpharetta 2 to 3 times each week. I'm a CPA but working as a database developer at the moment. Some day I hope to have enough money saved up to move to FL and sail around from island to island. Of course I'll take my bike so I can ride around and actually see the whole island.

tbdean 08-25-06 06:58 AM

Welcome to the site! Are you planning on doing the Share the Road Challenge on Labor Day?

RonH 08-25-06 07:33 AM

Welcome Modo.
You're almost in north Georgia. Is it cold enough for arm warmers yet. ;)

+1 on the question about the Share the Road Challenge.
I'll be there. :D

tbdean: I got your registration. :beer:

ModoVincere 08-25-06 08:11 AM

Can't do it that day. Already have other plans with the wife and kid. Going up to Helen and tubing the Hooch. I hope the Nora Mills granary is open. God, I love the grits from that place.

RonH 08-26-06 08:05 AM

Sorry you can't make it. It'll be a great ride!!
While you're up that way getting some grits be sure to stop by the Mark of the Potter.

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