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jsnake69 08-27-06 02:36 PM

Hello All.
What an outstanding FORUM!!! I am getting back into the saddle again and I see this forum as my support group. I have slithered through many threads. I have that cozy feeling that comes from knowing I'm not alone. At one time (a couple/few decades ago) I fancied myself a bike racer, mmm, a peloton man. At the time I rode an Ialian columbus double butted 19.5lb Atala campy bike. A whole 300.00 in 1969. In 1984 I sat with my partners on the Mission Viejo HILL. It was Grewal, Carpenter and Twigg's day but I digress...:D

I'm now on another hill, Tramway, in Albuquerque NM. I watch riders rain or shine every day as I drive to an from work, hmmm, drive. I decided to get back into the saddle. I'm now 56. The sedentary lifestyle of the electronics industry has watered down the quick twitch of my youth. I have no wind or endurance but I do have somme (small) determination as I look at my GT Ricochet hanging in the garage. I'm doing short rides now 15-30 min at a time (5800ft abive sea level) Whew :p It's time to upgrade the bike and I found youz guyz:D

-=(8)=- 08-27-06 02:49 PM


cuda2k 08-27-06 02:56 PM

Welcome to BF's, and welcome back to the sport! There's a good group of 50+ riders, many of them could kick my 25 year old butt out there on the road. The legs and the endurance will come back, enjoy the journey. :)

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