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DIGITAL39 08-29-06 07:53 PM

Back in the saddle again
Hey Everyone,

My name is Pete and tonight was my first ride in 10 years. I live in SW Virginia and when I moved here at 14 the traffic was not accepting of riders so I was somewhat forced to quit. I ride a Diamondback Expert TG, which suits my needs for now. I just wanted to introduce myself and hopefully find some local riders (Lexingon, Staunton, Hot Springs). When I was young I purchased parts from Bike Nashbar, does anyone have any suggestions for better stores? Mainly just shoes, clothes, parts, etc. Thanks and I look forward to sharing my experiences getting back into shape.


2wheeled 08-29-06 08:29 PM

Welcome back to missed you. Try going to the regional discussions just below introductions and put in a request of meeting some locals.

As for on-line stores....

Just a few of my favorites;)

A.troll 09-01-06 12:36 PM

Welcome to Bikeforums, Pete!


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