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alwayssummer 09-14-06 09:35 PM

Hello from Columbus, Ohio [Go Bucks!]
Hello all,
I'm a grad student in applied economics. I ride a Raleigh M-200 rigid frame mountain bike, which I am slowly trying to convert into a fully loaded touring machine. I am in the process of trying to acquire a road bike. I came accross the forums when almost every bike I tried to research on Google eventually led to this forum. I'm really impressed with the knowledge of the members here and I hope to learn lots more and enjoy many many miles! :D

I chose alwayssummer as my handle because I just returned from a year in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean so I have just had the longest summer of my life (about 15 months). I was teaching English to middle school students :eek: .


2wheeled 09-14-06 10:40 PM

Hi Chris,

Welcome to the forums. There is a plethora of info on this site, ask away, we're ready to help. I would imagine that Columbus is a little different to the Marshall Islands! You should post some pictures sometime...of the Islands;)

Enjoy the forums.

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