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childersja 09-17-06 11:07 AM

Hi from Seattle - any other riders here been mangled by Seattle traffic?
Jonathan here. Long time mountain biker and bike commuter in the Blacksburg VA and Washington DC area... in my second year of commuting by bike in beautiful Seattle.

Was set back a few months in my commutung after getting hit head-on last December by an f-ing contractor's van who pulled out the wrong direction into a traffic circle. Broke his windshield with my head/face... but I was both wearing a helmet and incredibly lucky. So the big lacerations, broken nose and broken foot have healed and I'm back at it again.

Alas, I also lost my mid 90's Diamondback Racing prestige steel mountain bike in that accident. An injury that will never truly heal... However, I will be attempting to fill the gap this week w/ a new Surly Cross-Check (via Edina Bikes online- that place has killer deals, check them out).

Will let the forum know how I get on in the months ahead.


2wheeled 09-17-06 08:49 PM

Hi JC,

That sounds like a terrible accident, glad you're back on the bike. Yeah, the Seattle traffic can be a little nasty but I've never bit it (touch wood) so far. I'm a little further up north and occasionally come down and ride Burke Gilman.

Anyway, welcome to the forums.

vrkelley 09-17-06 09:02 PM

Welcome childersja. Around here, traffic has been better since the gas prices shot up. People are just sick of it... The school buses look a little fuller this year ;)

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