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Maurice 67 09-23-06 08:36 AM

I joined today. I am a downtube 1XFS owner of 5 days standing. I would like to hear from other owners. I find the bike very comfortable to ride but ro imposible to fold down to the boxed size. Is it just me or do others have this problem.
maurice 67

I am a 67 yr old lapsed cyclist.I have cycled on and off since childhood.
This is another attempt, this time with a downtude 1XSP folder.It is my intention
to take the bike by plane to the continent (EUROPE THAT IS ). Being English
and living in England, means Europe isnt far but it is still an adventure.

I still have my original touring bike A 1953 holdsworth monsoon. I have four
times travelled on the continent with this bike.the last time 15 years ago
I have chosen a folding bike in the hope it is hassle free.

That is all by way of an introduction. by the way this is also my first visit to
any forum.

How are my fellow downtube owners getting along?

Tom Stormcrowe 09-23-06 05:13 PM

Welcome to BF, Maurice!

Here's a thread to start you off for Downtube Folders!

Tom Stormcrowe 09-23-06 05:29 PM

Here's the subforum as well for folders!

cycle17 09-23-06 05:36 PM

Welcome to BF Maurice! May I suggest you look around in the commuting subform and threads. Lots of people own unique and unusual bikes there.

Jump right in and have some fun! Good Luck!

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