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mark lewis 09-24-06 05:12 AM

Hello from Louisville Kentucky

I just joined this site and look forward to meeting lots of bikers from through this site. My story? I started to bike again as an adult 2 years ago when I realized I was tremendously out of shape. Lost 45 pounds that summer, lowered my cholesterol and all of a sudden - its like i'm 16 again. Anyhow, I love biking but seem to have very little success getting family on board with my hobby. Guess its all my stories of the long hills at 95 degrees temperature, lungs about to expload, running out of water etc... But in the meantime I've got this new buff bod and saving about $200.00 a month. So if you want to share stories or whatever feel free to email me or just respond to this thread. Be safe - share the road!! Email is

Tom Stormcrowe 09-24-06 05:31 AM

Hello, Mark, welcome to BF! To get family unit involvement, get them out on some easy rides and lwet them set the pace! You may or may not get them to your level, but make it fun for them! That's your best chance. As their condition improves and particularily aftetr they get their first cyclists high from the endorphins, then you may well get them hooked!

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