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arcticbiker 09-24-06 07:25 AM

Biking Fun
I'm not sure why I haven't joined this forum earlier. Guess I've been too busy riding. I enjoy MB, RB and commuting. I have 2 bikes now (1 road, 1 mountain) and planning on building a third (cross). I've been riding about 450 - 500 miles a month this summer and will be leaving for a bike trip in Italy next week. Wahoo!

I've been riding since I was a kid and never stopped. My first custom bike was a Don Farrell that I purchased in London in 72. All campy!

I race occasionally, commute 3 days a week, & ride the local group ride on weekends. Temperatures are dropping like a rock here , the trails are full of moose, & the smell of autumn is in the air. We have snow in the mountains now. Winter is on the way.

My winter riding consists of Nokia studs on trails. I use HID lighting for night riding & skiing.


jyossarian 09-24-06 11:20 AM

Welcome Arcticbiker! What part of the arctic are you in? Make sure to fill us in on your trip to Italy and post lots of pics!

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