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READY 12-03-06 03:36 PM

Hallo From Cologne, GE
Hi, I'm a Canadian who lives in Germany half the year and I work with an Intergenerational Balance and Natural Movement Program (Balance Bookends) for young children (3-8 year olds and older adults 55+) to promote various physical and social activities that revolve around mostly skating and some cycling (in both Europe and the US).

As a result of introducing a product into the US market from Europe last year, I become increasingly shocked at what I was witnessing in regards to the fitness levels and lack of activity/ability when I compared Europeans and their US counterparts.

I was so surprised that I submitted two papers to the International Velo-City 2007 Conference ( to discuss the issue. To my delight both were accepted. I've included the titles of these papers as I thought they might be of interest to Bike Forums Members, and I'm continuing research on the topics and always looking for more input.

In fact, it was a result of exchanging some data with "the Cycling Dude" ( that led me to this forum...

Paper #1:

The Challenge of Raising A Cyclist In 21st Century America

Paper # 2:

Human Powered Vehicles (HPV); the ANTI-Segway. (Exploring a Cultural Paradox; Back to the Future of Individual Traffic)

I'll search out the right place to plop the abstracts down and get some feedback...Think the Safety Thread and Sidewalk Cycling Issue is where you'll find Paper #2. See you around ;)

HigherGround 12-03-06 05:47 PM

Sounds interesting Ready. Good luck with your projects. I've been to Cologne several times to visit a friend who lives there, and I enjoyed the local riding opportunities. Welcome to the Forums!

VegaVixen 12-03-06 06:11 PM

Hi, Ready, and welcome! Oder, wilkommen! :D

Your work sounds interesting. I'll look for your abstracts. My husband had a progressive neuromuscular disease similar to ALS, and through that experience, I came to know a number of kids with MD.

I've also been through Cologne, traveling among homes of friends in Benelux, Deutschland, and Oesterreich. Beautiful cathedral there, eh? It's all I ever had time to see between trains! ;)

HigherGround, if I tried the maneuver that David is doing, I'd probably fall asleep!

Wasn't "Reno" the lead character in some B-rate Western film?

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