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M_S 12-03-06 05:48 PM

Hi from Portland
Hi, I'm another bike Nazi from Portland, OR.

No, just kidding.

I'm a high school senior here in Portland and ride my back too and from school. Thus, I've had two bikes stolen in my relatively short life :( Stupid cable locks. Never leave your bike locked with a cable, even for an hour. But you probably knew that. I also cycle to cross-train for running--biking is more fun than running, I have to admit.

I'm currently on the market for a new bike, and have been looking at cyclocross bikes because it would be possible to do some trail riding, keeping things interesting, you know. But I don't have much money, so we'll see.

Anyways, this looks like a useful place, and you'll probably see me in the mechanics section a lot asking stupid questions about truing wheels and the like.


The Rob 12-03-06 05:57 PM


Yes, these forums are useful. There are no such things as "stupid questions", only redundant ones (*cough*Search The Forums*cough*)


VegaVixen 12-03-06 06:04 PM

I, Rob, you have a philosophy after my own heart.

Welcome, M_S! You'll learn a lot here. Ask all the dumb questions you like. Those are the easiest to answer! :D

From another "old" fart.

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