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Lightbody11 12-04-06 04:19 PM

Buying a Road Bike in Michigan
I've been a recreational mountain biker for a couple years, using a Specialized Rock Hopper. Due to certain circumstances, I will be needing to purchase a road for my main mode of transportation. I've been planning to purchase one for some time and get involved with with competitive races. This presents a good opportunity to do so. Point being, I NEED A BIKE FOR COMMUTING IN COLD MICHIGAN WINTERS, AS WELL AS RACING UNDER NORMAL CONDITIONS. I'm looking to spend between $900 - $ 1500. Any input on what I should look at would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

East Hill 12-05-06 11:39 AM

Hello Lightbody11, you might want to check out the Commuting forum, especially as there are a few regulars in that forum who are from Michigan. I think they'd be overjoyed to add to Michigan's commuter population.

East Hill

slogo 12-05-06 03:43 PM

Hi Guy,

I don't think the bike you're looking for exists. (Just my two cents worth.)

But the bike that might come the closest may be something like the Bianchi Volpe. Technically it's a cyclocross bike, but many use it for touring/commuting because of the gearing and because it can be fitted with racks, fenders, and "chunkier tires" etc. You could put skinny tires on for racing.

Lightbody11 12-05-06 08:05 PM

Ok, I appreciate the response. Thank you.

Lightbody11 12-05-06 08:06 PM

Will do, thanks.

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