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jogya03 12-10-06 04:59 AM

hi from indonesia
Hi, I am newbie here
I live in Indonesia, and for the past few monts, I ride my road bike to go to work almost everyday, and my office is about 12 km away.

My bike is a 700C steel bike, 14 kg after adding a rear rack, fender, pump, saddle pouch and handlebar bag, 52-42 chainring and 14-28T sprocket (2 x 7 speed), it is Polygon (wonder), one of the most popular bike here, and I book about 3000 km with the bike so far, with an average 500 km / month.

Beside the road bike, sometimes I ride my folding bike, Hasa F2, 16" tire, 7 speed. I take it out mostly on a cloudy day, the idea is to be able to jump on public transport in case of rain in the middle of the way, far, it never happened though,.....:)...

just more mileage on those bikes, and few grams less CO2 for the earth

East Hill 12-10-06 07:53 AM

Hello jogya03, you sound as if you put quite a few kms on your bike in a year!

Where are you located in Indonesia? There are at least a couple of other cyclists from Indonesia at BF, and I think they are serious commuters also.

There's both a Living Car Free forum and a Folding Bike forum in which you may be interested.

I know I would like to read about your commuting conditions on the Commuting forum, it must be quite different commuting there in Indonesia versus the US/Canada/UK.

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

jogya03 12-10-06 09:19 AM

Hi East Hill,

I lived in Jogya, Central Java since 2003, and then moved to Balikpapan, East Borneo this year.
The road bike I bought in Jogya on 2005, and at the beginning it was for recreational riding. But now in my new town I am using it more and more (and everyday), and the odometer is increasing,....

In fact cycling is very popular in Jogya, its relatively flat town and a lot of people using bicycle/tricycle (we call it becak) in daily life, maybe just like India and China (at much smaller scale of course,....)
In my new town, Balikpapan, is bit different, its hilly and the roads are narrower, less ideal for cycling. However,
I have no excuse not to go on my bike, takes me about 30 min to go to my office (12km), and 40 min to go home (slightly uphill,....),...

So hopefully I can tell you more in the commuting forums.

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