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Jerry B 12-15-06 12:06 PM

Danville, CA New Member
Hi all riders. This seems like an interesting way to communicate with those who share my love of biking. I am a geezer rider nearly 69 and have been riding 15 years. Prior to 2005 I road Mt. bikes exclusively but added road riding and enjoy both. I mt. bike locally and in the Lake Tahoe area and I road ride from my home on the many paved trails and wide bike lanes in the area. I consider my self to be in intermediate rider and one who is not too fast , daring, or strong. I ride 300-400 miles a month usually on 25 -30 mile rides on flat and foothills in the area of may home. I have made it up Mt. Diablo a few times ( 2400 ft. in seven miles) and my longest road ride has been 54 miles.

I have three Klein mountain bikes and mostly ride the Palomino Race. My road bike is also a Klein, an Aura with carbon fork and chain stay. I do minor adjustments and up keep on the bikes.

I would enjoy hearing from any one with similar interests or who might like a leisurly ride sometime.

Jerry B.

Stacey 12-15-06 12:22 PM

Hi Jerry, I'm on the other side of the country, but welcome to BikeForums anywho! :beer:

Siu Blue Wind 12-17-06 06:15 PM

You might want to check out the North Cal sub forum here. There are quite a few of us from Nor Cal! Welcome to BF!

East Hill 12-17-06 06:17 PM

The 50+ forum could use always use another excellent member also:

They are just getting ready to update the Rogue's Gallery, too.

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

Ubbo 12-19-06 03:26 AM

I too am from Nor Cal. currently reside in Tracy, Ca. I ride a $99.00 Huffy Mountain Bike that I purchased in Iraq in 2005, but my gem is my 1984 Raleigh Racing USA Prestige that I have only riden a few times. I purchased that one new in 1984, but rode it a few times before I had multiple knee operations. It has been in storage all these years! I was considering selling it, but then I saw this site and now I am waiting to purchase tires for it so I can ride it once again. I am in the military, so my budget is tight, but i will ride again someday! is my email

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