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AzrealZ 12-17-06 12:11 PM

Greetings from DC/Boston
Hello everyone on the intranets. Heh. Anyways, my name is Ryan, I'm going to school in DC but hail from Boston originally. I found these forums in my search for information on BMX bikes, since I'm interested in getting one. My last bike was stolen, despite being locked up about as well as I could make it. (U-Lock and Chain Lock, but it was still gone in 45 minutes) So, I'll I just always prefer riding as opposed to walking or driving, and I missed out on some of my mis-spent youth, and I feel like a BMX is a good way to recapture it. We'll see how well that works. Ride safe, and thanks for having this community!

Tom Stormcrowe 12-17-06 02:16 PM

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