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foomonkey 12-27-06 01:32 PM

Seriously Hooked
Hello. I am 41 years old and haven't been on a bike for 20 years. That is, until this past summer. I bought a new bike, a Diamondback Wildwood Deluxe. It's kind of a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike. I intended to just ride casually around the neighborhood for fitness. But now I'm hooked. I'm shopping around for a good road bike and setting some goals for myself. I'd love to get involved in a club and ride in some races. I'm still a long way from that though. I live in a beautiful city that has a lot of great bike routes and paths.

In my search for the right road bike, I'd be interested to know what some suggest to look for and what to avoid.


timmhaan 12-27-06 01:34 PM

welcome to the forums. there are tons of people here who are getting back on bikes after an extended period of time. i think it's great. kinda makes you think why you hadn't started sooner, huh?

foomonkey 12-27-06 01:36 PM

Definitely! Wish I had done it a long time ago. Since I've been going at it, my daughter (11) decided she wanted a bike too. We got her one for Christmas and we are getting ready to head out on a ride down along the river. Fun, Fun!

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