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7snider7 12-29-06 08:44 AM

Stumbling back into cycling apparently
Hi, all,
My wife has gotten me interested in returning to the bike as a means of maintaining fitness. I've stayed somewhat in shape through swimming 3X/wk for the past few years but I need to do other things, and more than thrice weekly. Nearly 30 years ago I rode a Raleigh Gran Sport from Cincinnati to California, and for years before and after that the bike was my main, sometimes sole, means of transportation. I have lugged that Raleigh around for years through perhaps a dozen moves but hadn't ridden it or maintained since the mid-80s. I recently became inclined to clean the frame up and hang it on the wall in my man-cave for sentimental reasons, but my wife bought a bike from a local guy who particularly likes to work on the old bikes, and to provide direction to others as they do. He urged her to get me to bring the Raleigh in to get it into riding condition again, so we're doing that. I also have a 10-year-old Cannondale mountain bike, which I don't often ride. (Off-road falls hurt more now than they would have years ago.) But if all goes well, the Raleigh touring bike will be the go-to bike, especially on the envisioned rides with the Mrs., where I will quickly learn that swimming is not biking.

Glad to join the forum.


snowy 12-29-06 08:50 AM

Welcome to bikeforums and glad you made back to biking.

edp773 12-29-06 11:17 PM

Welcome to the forums. Have a great time riding with your wife. Before you know it your legs will be back in shape.

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