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JoeT 12-30-06 08:26 AM

Hello from Houston
Just wanted to make the requisite introduction. I'm primarily a mountain biker but own a road bike that I occasionally ride. I've been riding for fun for years, but have recently started racing. I'm planning to race the spring TMBRA series here in Texas. I'm also a fairly accomplished amateur bike mechanic and love to build bikes. I especially like to piece together bikes for people to get them hooked on riding. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

East Hill 12-30-06 08:30 AM

Hello JoeT, check out the regional forums, we have a lot of members from Texas in general, and a few from IAH in particular. It sounds as if you can be helpful in the Bicycle Mechanics forum, too.

Er, if you have any classic or vintage bikes, please feel free to post pictures in the C & V forum...

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

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