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Dave38212 01-02-07 03:41 PM

New from Lincoln, NE
I am a retired public school teacher, coach and administrator (37 years). Ride a 10-year old Trek 850 but haven't ridden much until May 2006. Have ridden 1735 miles since May - mostly on the 100 miles of hike/bike trail in Lincoln, Nebraska. Thanks. Dave 38212

snowy 01-02-07 03:45 PM

Welcome Dave to Bikeforums.

I use to have a Trek 850. :)

Dave38212 01-02-07 03:48 PM

Thanks for the welcome, snowy. Your name is certainly appropriate. Dave.

chipcom 01-02-07 04:01 PM

Welcome Dave. Hows the riding out there in Lincoln? I may have to come out to tour a client's facilities this year and would of course prefer to bring my bike and leave the truck parked at the hotel/motel.

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