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kbrate 01-03-07 01:59 PM

Hello from Rochester, NY
Just a short introduction - I'm a new member from the Rochester, NY area. Took up cycling again after a 30 year gap when my daughter wanted a bike and determined that someone needed to ride with her. Started out mainly on the canel path but I've gotten the bug again and I'm doing more and more of my rides on the road. Even convinced my wife to get a bike so the whole family will be riding this summer.

K Brate

East Hill 01-03-07 02:04 PM

Hello kbrate, we just had another new member from Rochester. It's nice to see that the cold isn't stopping you from getting out there and enjoying your bike.

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

Ms. Tude 01-23-07 09:20 AM


Canal path rides are awesome. I led a few for the Rochester Bicycling Club last year --- but have moved on to lead some of our new rides - Sweep rides that are more of a moderate length with a little more challenge to them than our Short & Easy rides on the path.

FYI - I checked out the new path they just completed here not too long ago - 15 miles from Genesee Valley Park (or 11 from the city) - that goes out to Charlotte. There is one jog where you're not on a path - and you can either take Lake Ave or get on the sidewalk :( when you ride by the Cemetary -- but then you get back on the path (the river gorge is gorgeous BTW with lots of overlook spots - plus bridges that go off that span the river - you can end up at Seneca Park Zoo) - and then you're given the option to go down to "Canoe Launch" ---- where you pick up the new "trail" that heads out on a bridge over the water for about a mile. It's real nice - already there's a lot of people who use it (people with dogs should not, but they do - and they don't carry bags for their dogs either:mad: - going to try and work on doing something about that this Spring) - real pretty down there - it's rather marshy - saw several swans - and it's a nice route to get from the city out to Charlotte.

crtreedude 01-23-07 09:27 AM

I am originally from Rochester NY - lots of wonderful places to ride there. A little cold for my blood now, but when you got to ride, you got to ride.

It is a bit of a drive, the Letchworth is wonderful for a ride. Also, if you like MTB - the back side is incredible.

USAZorro 01-23-07 01:40 PM

I'm originally from Rochester too - too cold for my blood now too. There's lots of great riding in the area once you get outside the crowded areas - especially to the east and south. There's a really fun hill that goes into Dansville. I nearly melted my brakes there 30 years ago. :o

Welcom to BF, and if you ever are at Pedallers, ask if Jack is there, and say Hi! He used to be my uncle's partner. :)

Ms. Tude 01-23-07 02:03 PM

hehe - was out yesterday in 19F, by the time I get home tonite it should be heading down into the mid 20's and I'll be gearing up for a snow ride :D

We finally get some decent snow - so now I can go play!

cranky old dude 01-30-07 01:42 AM

You'll certainly find plenty of interesting trails around Rochester. I live in Charlotte and have ridden the North section of the river trail quite a few times already. A good part of it is an old converted railbed with a few reminders of its original use still visable. The long bridge Ms. Tude refers to spans the outer edge of the old turning basin. If you're lucky, you'll get to see the cement boat unloding near Boxart street. The trail is serviced by three parking lots; one at the east end of Petten St. just over the tracks, one at the east end of Latta Rd. and one at the end of Boxart street. There's a small stream near where the trail turns west towards Lake Ave. with an overlook on the brink of it's waterfall of about 30 feet. All this plus the Beach, Old Carousal, Abbotts etc, the whole family should enjoy the area.

The last time I rode the trail, I noticed a Biker riding the old railbed on the Irondequoit side of the river. He was moving quite fast...makes me wonder if that's been improved recently. Not being as tough as some, I'll wait till Spring to check it out.

Enjoy your rides.

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