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farnorth51 01-03-07 06:35 PM

recumbent rider
I have been riding a Tour Easy for over 23 years and it has changed my life. My wife also has a Tour Easy that she enjoys riding but not quite as fanaticly as me. I have ridden it daily in the farthest north town in the USA, Barrow, Alaska for many years. The coldest I have ridden it is at -100 f with the chill factor. I have also given over 2,000 people their first recumbent bike ride on our Double Vision recumbent tandem. We are currently living in Anchorage where I have been unable to ride as regularly because of the deep snow. I still ride a couple of times a week once they get the sidewalks cleared. In Barrow it wasn't a problem since it is a northern desert and doesn't get much snow. I have several lighting systems including the Down Low glow which is battery operated neon and is quite beautiful on the snow. Looking forward to enjoying this site.

megaman 01-03-07 07:56 PM

Welcome to the forums, fellow bent rider! You'll ride in a lot colder weather than I would. I just couldn't imagine riding in below zero temps, let alone -100!

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