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Peripat 01-04-07 10:38 AM


My name is Patrick. Used to race many moons ago in my youth, seem to have hit that point in middle age where I want to recpature the best bits of my youth and so have started cycling again. Did spend some time out in the Middle-East where I raced on occasion.

I have an autistic son who is very fit. He swims about a mile and a half most days and I have now started him cycling on a tandem as his disability precludes riding on his own on the open roads.

Apart from the tandem, I have a Saracen racing machine which is likely to see action in the next few months and an old faithful hacking bike that I have had for 25 years which has always been my get fit machine. I prefer road riding to off road, although I have done a lot of cross country riding in the past before off road bikes came into being.

Hoping to learn a lot from "listening" to people on this site as it seems really friendly.


East Hill 01-04-07 11:07 AM

Tandems? In England? Get thee to the 50+ forum, I think you will enjoy meeting that lot.

Old hacking bike?

We need photos in Classic & Vintage, please:

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

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