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yeamac 01-07-07 11:03 PM

Hello from Houston
I've been on these forums about two months now and figured it was about time for a proper introduction!

I got started in road cycling about 17 years ago in college, and then quit about 11 years ago when I started a new job/moved/got married. All these years I have kept my mountain bike for casual riding. This past October I rode the Midnight Madness ride with some friends here in Houston, an annual 20-mile ride in downtown Houston that starts at 2AM. I forgot how fun and social an activity cycling can be. In early November I picked up a 2003 Bianchi Vigorelli road bike, and now I am back into road riding!

A friend encouraged me to consider the MS150, a 182-mile ride from Houston to Austin in April, and I said yes! I rode one century in college and remember thinking "never again," but time has made me forget what was so bad about that... and here I am! :o Back in college I rode my bike stock. Thanks to this great forum and the internet, I have learned so much about bikes and have changed out my stock saddle, stem, handlebars, and even bought new tires. I love being able to work on my bike myself and tweeking it so it is "just right."

So thanks to all you friendly folks here at BF! I'll be posting mostly in the Road Cycling forum, Southwest a.k.a. Texas forum (change the name already!), and occasionally in Clydesdales, but not for long in Clydes, as I am down to 215 (from 230) on my way down to under 200 by the end of February! Cycling is helping me get back in shape.

East Hill 01-08-07 07:01 AM

Hello Martin, it's nice to see your introduction, and to see that you've gotten so much help here.

Good luck with your ride, and welcome to BF!

East Hill

yeamac 01-08-07 09:31 AM


911TurboS 01-09-07 04:37 PM

Hello! I live right next to George Bush Park, nice place to ride if you haven't been there before.

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