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newnoise 02-21-07 03:10 PM

Hello from San Luis Obispo
Hey, I've been a member for a while, I've just never posted. I've always found the forum to be a great resource so I figured I should start contributing. I'm mostly on the singlespeed/fixed forum since that's primarily what i'm riding these days. I live in San Luis Obispo, Ca right now, but grew up in san diego, and am probably moving to portland in about a year. So hello.

East Hill 02-21-07 03:28 PM

Never posted! How can you expect us to direct your attention to the SoCal forum, then?

Oh, wait a minute, you think you may be moving to Portland? Check out the Pacific Northwest regional forum...

Welcome (officially :D ) to BF!

East Hill

biketony 02-28-07 05:32 PM

I'm a former SLO resident, now in Humboldt. I miss those monthly thursday night 'Bike Happenings'! We are (also) moving to portland later this year. Small world and all...

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