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mcjabos 03-01-07 10:23 PM

asheville long rides
i'm a new recumbent owner -(bacchetta Cafe' medium wheel base) - looking for long rides -

hoping to tour texas hill country in upcoming bluebonnet season - and talk as many of my friends into going two or three wheel recumbent, so i don't feel so short.

VegaVixen 03-01-07 10:51 PM

Welcome to BF, mcjabos! :)

Do you mean Asheville, NC?

East Hill 03-02-07 04:19 PM

Hello mcjabos, are you looking to take people with you from Asheville, or are you hoping to meet some in Texas?

Try looking through the regional forums, and also the recumbent forum--you might even try the long distance cycling and touring forums...lots of places to look!

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

mcjabos 03-02-07 08:50 PM

yes asheville nc-- a little hilly for recumbent riding - but i'm working on it

mcjabos 03-02-07 08:52 PM

a woman who's biked across the country is going with me on her road bike. i know the area--she loved the area (hill country)

i lost track of the recumbent touring blog -- are you on it?

East Hill 03-02-07 11:56 PM

No, not me--a recumbent seems to be one of the few bikes I don't have :D!

East Hill

mcjabos 03-03-07 09:20 AM

they are unbelievably fun and fast and comfortable
add one! they are funky in traffic, but can't beat em on the long road.

watchman 03-03-07 11:14 AM

How long and how much climbing? I can give you innumerable ride ideas from the asheville area. Another great place to start is look at the Blue ridge bicycle club website and check out there ride sheets. Also get a gazateer (sp?) map book and just start looking at roads.

mcjabos 03-04-07 09:22 AM

to the watchman
thanks for the response watchman
i did look at blue ridge and got some great ideas--i actually live out near warren wilson and see lots of people riding that route--the problem with me on the recumbent is fear of cars -- i've been mountain biking for the last fifteen years and dealing with cars is freaking me out - especially on windy roads with no shoulders (90% of the ones out here)

i'd like a 20-30 mile ride - short steep hills are okay--the long, in first gear for ten minutes ones, are the ones that get my lower back - until i get in better recumbent shape--the biggest concern is finding roads with very little traffic -- or at least good visabililty for the goofballs that don't give you room. blue ridge mentioned some in hendersonville and mills river that looked good--any advice??


mcjabos 03-14-07 06:54 PM

Gazateer is the bombdiggity
i used it on a trip to raleigh area and found great 30 - 40 mile loops with very few turns.
just discovered all the great roads off route 9 out of black mountain today....and bought a texas gazateer for upcoming tour.
thanks for that advice

tomg 03-14-07 08:49 PM

welcome to the site!
i am a bikeE owner/rider, great ride (uses different muscles than regular bikes)!
i have 'bent, road, commuter, mtn, and touring bikes, depending on mood or purpose.
check out recumbent section here!
welcome again!!

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