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bigpedaler 03-02-07 08:15 PM

old guy getting younger daily....
hey -- bigpedaler's a clydesdale (duh!) mtb'er/commuter/mechanic/fanatic. i build my own stuff, assemble crap for a major box store (hey, i got a mortgage, lbs can't pay me what i need!), and do repair/upgrade on the side. back problems put me on full suss, but i'll put in some miles. look forward to meshing in, maybe even give a bit of help to somebody...IT CAN HAPPEN! STOP LAUGHING!


tomg 03-02-07 08:37 PM

maybe i'll see you riding the trails here in s nj!
hi! to bikeforums!

East Hill 03-02-07 11:52 PM

Hi bigpedaler, it's said that laughter is the best medicine, and it certainly doesn't hurt to have a sense of humour. I hope you'll go and check out Foo as well as the various cycling forums...:D

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

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