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ratcycle 03-06-07 09:11 PM

hey y'll
I currently own about 22 bikes. I am my own mechianc. If I dont know how to do it I look it up, if cannot be found i do it myself. Working own bicycles is a passion that I'll never live down. Studying to be welder and a blacksmith. I can know understand what metals are easy to weld and what aren't so easy. My dream bike and current project is bicycle with the following features: a tractor seat, a sucide shifter, a coaster brake and 30"apers. Ah the power.

I currently have no job so I have to find other means of parts and such for my collection. I am a home mechanic with no money.

Born to ride.

East Hill 03-07-07 12:24 AM

Hello ratcycle, you sound like a true believer! I'll bet you've already found most of the forums that would interest you, so

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

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