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Johnyonics 05-01-07 10:35 AM

Forum newbie, riding novice
I've been lurking for a month or so now and decided it was time to join the fun and introduce myself. I'm John from the Cincinnati area, and just got back in to biking last fall. Mostly xc mountain bike riding at the local trails.
Anyway I look forward to the fellowship and advice from the forum. Seems to be a good group of people out there. By the way, I was really impressed with the "pay it forward" thread, that's awesome.

East Hill 05-01-07 10:37 AM

Hello Johnyonics, I probably don't need to tell you about the regional forums if you've been lurking, but just in case: stop by the regional forums and say hi to the locals :D .

What kind of bike have you got?

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

Johnyonics 05-01-07 10:49 AM

Oh I forgot that- I ride a mid 90's Miyata Elevation mtb that I've upgraded along the way. Mostly STX-RC and LX components.

East Hill 05-01-07 11:13 AM

The Elevation ran through quite a range of grades! A good bike, if you've upgraded though.

East Hill

ken cummings 05-01-07 11:31 AM

There has been an event called Calvin's Challenge for years in your area. Near Springfield, NE of Dayton. A 12 hour ride-contest. Up for it?

Johnyonics 05-01-07 07:51 PM

Originally Posted by East Hill
The Elevation ran through quite a range of grades! A good bike, if you've upgraded though.

East Hill

I had to go look to see what the sticker said. The sticker on one side is completely gone, the other barely says Elevation 1000

So ther it is Miyata Elevation 1000, front triangle Aluminum, rear stays Cro-moly and all bonded not welded together. A fairly unique bike among all the newer copycats, they all seem to look so much alike now

- oh yeah and it has a cool snake skin seat.

East Hill 05-01-07 11:11 PM

Yup, a good decent bike, that should give you plenty more riding fun!

And a cool snake skin seat :D .


East Hill

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