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SmoothRide 05-20-07 07:57 PM

You guys have way too many forums.... :)

Anyway, I've never really known anything about bikes. I ride a Trek ?3700? to stores, and sometimes to school if I get up soon enough. I also like to ski. No idea what ski's or boots I use anymore, it's been way to long since I last ski'd. Anway, after reading a few threads, I noticed something about "Century's". What are they? I assume they're some sort of.... something?

Also, never say these things if there's a remote chance I might read it.


Yeah, that's it.

Actually..... Raleigh is pretty hilly, and I usually end up going extremely fast down them in order to get to places on time. There's two things though- My brakes go through a lot of fade, and everytime I accidently lock up my rear tire its treads wear down all the way. How much do ceramic brakes cost, and could I pick up a new tire at my bike shop?

East Hill 05-21-07 09:59 AM

Hello SmoothRide, centuries are rides that are 100 miles in length. Or, there are metric centuries, which are rides of 100 kilometres.

AOLese isn't really supposed to be used here on the board, but don't be surprised if you see it around :) .

Oh, I can't answer your question about ceramic brakes, but I would imagine that the MTB forum folks probably have some threads about such things.

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

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