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Little_T 05-21-07 08:22 AM

Nice to be here
I'm trying to pick up biking for real and I just purchased a new one to better suit my usage. My old MTB with a steel frame and auld Shimano SIS gears was getting... frustrating. Now I ride (or at least try to ride) a Tunturi F600 fitness-bike Tunturi F600 (Finnish).

I hope to get some help, and provide some help to my fellow bikers by joining this forum. I'm the kind of guy who likes to fix up my own bike, not having to rely on retailers or bike-repair-shops for maintenance.

In fact, I have one question right now: How does the brake-pad change work on Shimano Deore LX hydraulic disc-brakes? I'm used to V-brakes, but these new ones are not in Kansas anymore. Of course the salesman at the shop said that I should always let a professional change the brakpads, but how am I supposed to learn anything about bikes if I do that? So if anyone has an idea of how this is done, or maybe has a link to a instruction site or something, I would greatly appreciate any help.

Anyway, may you all have a pleasant summer with plenty of biking!

East Hill 05-21-07 09:15 AM

Hello Little__T, you are not the only member her from Finland! In fact, one of our moderators, Juha, is also from Finland...

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

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