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trek 05-26-07 06:29 PM

new bike for my 45th birthday!
Hi All, new to the communuty :)

My girlfriend bought me a trek navigator 3.0 for my birthday today (birthday is really june 2nd) and while googling info on the shimano c102 derailleur I found your community . . . looks great.


tomg 05-26-07 08:24 PM

welcome scott!
june 2 too is important date here as well (anniversary).
go out and break the new bike in!
have fun, welcome x2!

trek 05-26-07 08:41 PM

Thanks, I'll be out again in the morning :)

East Hill 05-27-07 06:28 AM

Hello Scott, not a bad birthday present to get, and it's nice that your girlfriend obviously supports healthy activities :) . Oh, I see that Sheldon Brown himself gave you an answer over at the Bicycle Mechanics forum--you are off to a good start here :D .

Where are you located? Just asking so that you don't miss the regional forums...

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

wrafl 05-27-07 06:39 AM

Happy Birthday. June 2 is my daughters brithday too. That's a great gift for you, it will not only keep you fit and healthy but will help keep the enivronment safe if you use it to commute and shopping. Welcome to BF.

trek 05-28-07 03:09 PM

Thanks all,

I'm located in Sarasota Florida


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