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adab 07-13-07 10:12 AM

It began when I moved to Portland, Oregon
Hello Everyone!

I live in Portland, Oregon. I moved here a little over a year ago from Kansas to go to Portland State University. I moved with a Giant-Boulder, 21-speed. When I first moved here I didn't do any cycling because at the time I had enough money to drive or use the public transportation. However, as the school year wore on I ran out of money and needed a cheap way to get to work. So I started commuting, and I am very glad I did! Although, I wish it were under circumstances other than financial hardship. I've been commuting for a little over a month now and I love it! I feel so much better now that I'm biking often. Today in fact, I biked the whole way from home to work, 11 miles! My first time! Anyway, it's great to have found this forum where I can ask questions and learn more about the terminology, life style, training. I look forward to learning and engaging with the community!

East Hill 07-13-07 10:32 AM

Hello adab, that must have been quite a shock to move from Kansas to Portland :eek: ! Just ask your questions, we'll do our best to answer. Oh, and stop by the Pacific Northwest regional forum and say hi, too.

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

mazpr 07-13-07 08:56 PM

I was in Portland Oregon for the Rose Fest, man there is an insane trail all around the city river. I had no bike over there, but at least I went for a good jog nearby the OMSI museum.

Dont forget to check out the river boat that runs on jet engines.

donnamb 07-14-07 12:34 AM

Welcome, adab. :) What's you're commute route?

Blue Jays 07-14-07 12:37 AM

Hi adab, welcome! Glad to hear of your interest in this great hobby. There are some interesting characters on this forum. You can count on the moderators to keep them in line. You'll appreciate the tight ship they sure run around here.

adab 07-14-07 02:48 PM

my route
I basically live at the intersection of Nw Cornell Rd and 26 Hwy. I work on the PSU campus. So, I take Cornell road heading east to Barnes Rd. to the Sunset Transit Center. Then, I cross the sky bridge over 26 Hwy, and, I can't remember the name of the roads but pretty soon after crossing the bridge I am riding along 26 to the Zoo, then through washington park, and I come out on Jefferson next to the Goose Hollow Max stop. After that, I pass by PGE Park, and I think I take Yamhill to 13th, take a left on 13th and ride down Market until I get to work! It's about 11 miles. Sometimes I just ride to the Zoo and get on the Max, get off at Goose Hollow and ride the rest of the way in. It depends on how I'm feeling. I just started riding the whole way in this week. I've done it twice and am hoping that soon I can start doing it every day. I really enjoy the commute.

donnamb 07-14-07 03:36 PM

Ah, small world. :) I mainly work downtown at SW 6th and Washington, but a few times a month I have to go to meetings at my employer's home office at NW Cornell and Science Park. I'm generally coming straight from the office, so I take the MAX out to SW 158th/Merlo Rd. stop and then ride out 158th to Cornell. I must pass the entrance to your neighborhood every time I'm out there. Thus far, I just ride back to the MAX and get off at Goose Hollow for the commute back home to inner SE. My bike is a heavy, upright, city bike with just 8 speeds, and not really ideal for riding over the West Hills. I'm also not overly fond of riding in suburban Washington County, I'm afraid. :o My brother works at the New Seasons on Cedar Hills, and sometimes we meet up at the Beaverton Transit Center for a shared MAX/bike commute home together. That's a lot of fun.

adab 07-16-07 09:50 AM

yes, yes, yes
Yes, you pass right by me! I used to work at the Home Depot on Science Park, only a few blocks away. Yeah, the hills out there can be pretty tough. I started out with those mtb nobby tires, which sucked, but overall I think it helped me. Now I have some road tires and the hills are alot easier. I know what you mean by the traffic. I always turn my rear light on, because there are so many people in big SUV's out there, going fast, and I'm afraid they won't see me. But I haven't met with any accidents yet. Knock on wood.

John C. Ratliff 08-31-07 01:59 PM


I live pretty close by, near 158th street and Cornell Road. Maybe we can get together some time. I mostly ride a Rans Stratus recumbant, but now am on my Trek 1420 as I've completely worn out the front rim of the Stratus, and my son is rebuilding the wheel with a new rim. My commute is only 4-5 miles, which I do 4 days a week. I ride out to Evergreen Parkway, where I work.


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