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jc33 07-15-07 12:21 PM

Hello from the chicagoland area
hi there i am a 32yr old doctor/auto mechanic with a passion for bicycles. I used to mountain bike before i injured myself. I now have recently started road cycling and am interested in racing. I'm not to sure how to get into it. I would like to meet some people in my area to ride with. I also am a swimmer and a runner although I cant really run anymore due to an knee injury.

East Hill 07-15-07 04:23 PM

Hello jc33, I see you've already found the Great Lakes regional forum, now you just have to get out there and find the members to get up a ride. There's a lot of members from that area, so it should not take you too long :) .

Visit the Road Cycling forum for more tips and hints on how to get started racing--there's quite a bit of information in there, so do your reading first, ask questions second.

Welcome to BF, and good luck with your racing!

East Hill

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