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crymfytr 07-15-07 07:13 PM

Newbie from Piedmont/Triad NC
Hi all,

First off let me just say thanks!! I have been reading this forum for about two weeks without registering as member, especially the Clydesdale/Athena postings. You guys have been an unbelieveable source of inspiration and motivation and I thank you for that.

I am a 39yr old police officer from NC. I am 6ft 4in 310lbs, so I obviously qualify as a clydesdale. I played basketball and baseball in High School and baseball in college. I have been a police officer since 1988 and spent some time on active duty from the reserves as a black hawk crew chief. As an athlete I always (6ft1in 190 in seventh grade 6ft 4in 215lbs at HS graduation) maintained my weight in the 215-235lb range and maintained 250lbs for the majority of my adulthood (20-39yoa). After coming off active duty and returning to my regular job, I quit exercising regularly and continued with the same intake of food as usual (beer is a big culprit) and soon balloned up over 300lbs. With some hard work I got back to about 260lbs, but have backslid and am back up to 310lbs over the last two years.

I bought a Lemond Etape in early 2006 and loved riding it, but quickly allowed other things (work and I'm currently working towards my Master's degree) to interupt my exercise schedule. I just turned 39yoa on 3Jul2007 and my gift to myself is to totally commit to a healthier lifestyle, lose 70lbs (240lbs goal) or more and make bicycling a big part of reaching these goals.

The postings on this forum have been a great source for setting my sights on these goals and I hope to use this forum for training tips, encouragement, motivation etc...

I hope this was the right area for this post.



troutbreath 07-16-07 03:26 AM

Welcome, Officer. I live up in Winston-Salem.

Good luck with your riding!

East Hill 07-16-07 03:27 AM

Hello Rick, this is the right spot for introductions indeed! It's always nice to know who our new members are, what they ride, what their goals are.

As you've discovered, the Clydesdales/Athenas forum is a great source of inspiration to many, taking away the fear that 'I'm the only one doing this' and replacing that fear with the joy that comes from becoming active in a way that is beneficial and FUN!

Although I'm not an Athena, I do enjoy looking at that forum just for the motivation factor :) .

Welcome to BF, and enjoy your riding!

East Hill

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