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ong 07-16-07 06:21 PM

Another Portlander (OR)!
Hi, there --

I've lurked around bikeforums for a couple of years, but I finally decided to register so my girlfriend will stop giving me a hard time about not being able to see the images in the links she sends me! Well, it's also a pretty handy resource.

I've been a mountain biker and road rider on and off since 1990 or so... have been car-free for the last few years, so I guess I'm a utility cyclist as well. I'm currently more into mountain biking than road riding, although it swings back and forth, I guess. Portland isn't exactly a Mecca for off-road riders, especially if you don't have a car... I really like being able to ride to a trailhead, and that makes my options pretty limited around here. Wish they would open up some actual singletrack in Forest Park.

My bikes:
  1. Merlin Fortius road bike, all Campy Centaur
  2. Klein Attitude mountain bike, kind of a Frankenbike, with mostly lightweight XC gear, but a big ol' Fox Talus 32 freeride-ish fork.
  3. Voodoo Bizango for fast city riding, with dirt drops, skinny tires, and eggbeaters
  4. Xtracycle (Interloc Tempest) for hauling large amounts of beer, kitty litter, and bike parts!
Anyway, nice to meet you!


East Hill 07-16-07 08:02 PM

Hello Jeff, yes, for all Portland's reputation as a cyclist's haven/heaven, it has occurred to me that there's a lack of off-road stuff to do unless one has a vehicle. I am certain that someone will say otherwise, but with your impressive roster of bikes, I would imagine that you have thoroughly explored your OR options :) .

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

donnamb 07-16-07 08:48 PM

Welcome, Jeff. I'm in inner SE, myself. Are you attending the PUMP meetings? They're really working hard this year to change the sorry state of singletrack within the city limits, and they seem to finally have the city government listening.

bac 07-17-07 07:37 AM


Klein Attitude mountain bike, kind of a Frankenbike, with mostly lightweight XC gear, but a big ol' Fox Talus 32 freeride-ish fork.
Hey Jeff. I also own a Klein Attitude. It's a sweet machine for sure. How do you like it with that Fox 32? I'm running a Rockshock SID now, but I'm looking for something more aggressive.

Welcome to the forums!

... Brad

ong 07-18-07 01:34 AM

Bac -- the Talus is a little weird on the Klein. I used to have a SID, too, but it delivered only about 50-55mm of travel, and just wasn't really enough. The Talus adds a pound itself, plus it forced me to "upgrade" to a front disc brake, but it does give me a lot more travel -- measures out to around 110mm or so. The most noticeable difference is in the head angle -- the front of the bike feels very "jacked up," and hill climbing has become more difficult -- I need to shift my weight sooner. Descending is a lot more reliable, though, especially the scary ass-hanging-off-the-back-of-the-saddle descents. I can roll down long concrete stairs easily now, which would have horked my back pretty good before.

Donna -- I haven't gone to any PUMP meetings, mostly because I'm not very much of a joiner. I have been dragging myself out to some more political bikey things, like Commissioner Sam Adam's "town hall" meetings. I'm going to the Mt. Tabor cyclist/ped thing tomorrow, since I worry about my playground getting messed up!=

East Hill -- yeah, without a car, it's pretty tough to get to any really interesting riding. I could Tri-Met out to Sauvie Island, then ride about seven miles out to the Scappoose trails.... other than that, not all that many options.

Thanks for writing, everyone!

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