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quesha 10-26-07 12:14 AM

newbie here
I am a chinese, the first time for me to read and post in a foreign bike forum. I am glad to find that here are so many guys favor in riding. I play bicycle for more than one year, but only ride the moutain bike(XC). Hope you all can accept me, though it's impossible for me to riding with you all.

mountain 10-26-07 03:10 AM

hello!where do you ride?

quesha 10-26-07 06:47 AM

HI, i am riding in china,hehe

East Hill 10-26-07 08:22 AM

Hello quesha, where in China? There are actually a few members here in China--I know, it's a big country :) .

What brand of bicycle are you riding?

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

absentminded 10-26-07 11:42 AM

biking is what brings us together, and sometimes keeps us from feuding, so you being in China and biking is cool. Take some photos if you could, I would like to see those.

Welcome to the forums. I have not been here very long, but everyone here is nice as well as diverse in knowledge of riding and biking related things. Have fun.

quesha 10-28-07 07:32 PM

Thank you all. I am lived in zhejiang china, there are a lot of guys favor in ridding. now i have two bicycles, one is Merida, another is DAHON. I have ridding in all my weekend, if the weather iis ok.

gbcb 10-28-07 08:20 PM

Hi, quesha! 欢迎你到Bike Forums来! 好好骑车,天天上上 :D

birdzme 10-28-07 08:42 PM

hi quesha im new also

East Hill 10-28-07 10:02 PM

Quesha, any chance of you posting some photos of your bikes, and where you ride? We don't get to see much of the area where you live and ride, so it would be cool to see some photos.

East Hill

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